Period Swimwear Bikini Bottom


Enjoy the beach and ocean during your period! Use for protection during light periods, bladder leakage and discharge. Our lovely period proof Bikini pant holds 10ml of flow (1- 2 tampons worth).

Our Period Proof bikini is quick dry UPF50+ nylon-spandex material in a stylish cut and is simple slip-on-and-go period care, just like our period underwear. Perfect for teens, and available in sizes XS to 3XL, so you can find your ideal fit!

How does period swimwear work

The gusset contains two layers of innovative fabric. The outermost layer is formed of a waterproof material to stop leakage of menstrual blood. The top layer of the gusset is designed to lock in and absorb the menstrual blood effectively. This layer is able to wick the moisture from the skin, and also helps in fighting bacteria and preventing the development of odors. Our Ebony bikini is not only absorbent but also designed to dry quickly once you get out of the water. You may wear the bikini alone on your light period days or along with a tampon or a menstrual cup on your heavy period days.

Swimming with your period is a breeze - don't miss out on beach fun this summer!