Sleep Ritual Kit

  • Create a healthy mind and body with your ideal sleep routine
  • Bath Bomb with magnesium calms the nerves and muscles while sodium  bicarbonate levels you with silky soft skin. Combined with the calming properties of lavender you will feel relaxed x
  • Sleep Ritual Bath Soak in Rose. Rose aromatherapy smells divine and has calming and healing properties. 
  • Calm Tea natural and organic hand blended tea: Chamomile, lemon verbena, melissa and lemon myrtle. 
  • Silk Eyemask for uninterrupted sleep, great travel buddy and also decreases sleep creases. 
  • Goodnight Oil Roll on: Essential oil to roll on pulse points as part of your nightly routine. 
  • Ear Plugs, soft and comfy for a silent night sleep. 

The Sleep Kit is the perfect gift for someone you love who needs some gorgeous self care and help with having a deeper more rewarding sleep.