About Us

Just calling Favourite Daughter an active-wear store is too simple. Like us women, the store has many elements, is constantly changing and evolving. We feature a collection of brands that express their style through streetwear, athleisure, active-wear and lifestyle pieces. 

Favourite Daughter is the collaboration of two coffee drinking, active-wear loving, menstrual cup wearing, sisters and their inspiring boss mama. Started from our love for active-wear and streetwear, we created the store together, featuring pieces that bring us joy. 

Sustainability is one of our key values. We have currated collections of sustainably made activewear.  We also deliver all online orders in compostable packaging and our gift cards are made from recycled cotton t-shirts.   

We want to create an inclusive space for people to have positive relationships with themselves, their bodies and their local community. 

We believe that you should #beyourownfavourite