We carry a gorgeous range of wellness products in Inglewood store! 

We aim to provide sustainably made, natural and vegan products. That are great for your body and the environment. Cut out those pesky plastics! 

Currently we don't ship these items, but here is a cheeky list of the wellness brands we carry. 

Aussie Bombshell Natural Tan: Self tanning cream, Perth designed, paraben free

Black Chicken Deodorant: Long lasting paste, free from harmful ingredients.

Courtney and the Babes: Skin care, natural ingredients

Edible Beauty: Skincare that is made from wildcrafted & botanical ingredients that are literally good enough to eat 

Good Night Co: Silk masks and pillow cases, diffuser and essential oils created to help with sleep.  

Huskee Cup: Reusable Coffee Cups made from coffee husk

Imbibe: Miracle Collegen, Beauty Renewal Probitoic

Jewels by Gypsy Candles: Gorgeous Perth made candles. Lovely glass perfect for gifts. 

Lilybod: LILYBOD Leggings Activewear Sports Bras Fitness Tops & Jacket. For babes who take risks + make sh!t happen

Posie Candles: Aussie made soy candles, natural ingredients

Theseeke: Handcrafted natural skincare made in Sydney, Australia. Using the finest natural and organic ingredients to make simple & healthy products for you.

Thinx Period Underwear: Cotton Brief (holds two tampons worth) Cotton Thong (1 tampon) Reusable Period Underwear

Wink Wink: Perth created all natural ingredient face masks

Yin Yoga Mats: Gorgeous pattern yoga mats made from tree rubber, (plastic free)