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Yin Yoga Mats


The benefits of yoga include physical strength and flexibility combined with mental stillness and focus. While not essential, a yoga mat is useful in practical ways – providing cushioning for your comfort and protection from hard floors, allowing grip (especially when you perspire) and improving balance and stability. In tangible but also spiritual ways, your mat represents a sacred space for your body and mind to destress. Not least of all, a mat of your own is essential for group classes.


Why You Should Buy Yin Yoga Mats


Given its sacred status, choosing the right mat is vital. Your mat should ensure your comfort and safety and be aesthetically pleasing too. You’ll find our Yin Yoga Mats are exactly what you need: they are:


  • User-friendly. Mats are 3mm thick, with a non-slip microfibre surface and a thick natural rubber base to ensure a good grip on, and under the mat. Durable but easy to clean: wipe your mat down with a water-based cleanser after every use and machine-wash regularly.
  • Eco-friendly. Free from harmful chemicals, plastics and related substances, our mats are healthy for you and the planet.
  • Choose from: ‘Oushak’ – pretty in a blue and white Turkish floral pattern; ‘Marrakesh’ – lovely in a pink and blue Moroccan pattern; or ‘Pebble’ – very Zen with printed pebbles on white. They all come with a stylish jute or white cotton carry strap.


There’s no need to struggle, slip or slide – balance your yin with your yang on one of our Yin Yoga Mats.