Szade Sunglasses


Our range features shapes and colours to suit every mood and personality. Szade sunglasses come in angular frames, round frames and everything in-between - even trapezoidal. Featuring styles from Seidler, Henson, Dollin, Cullen, Arkley and Arena, the range let you do you - from classic to street and from coast to rave.


Why You Should Buy Szade Sunglasses


We are not only trendy and fun, but we’re also dedicated to ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Our sunglasses are: 


  • 100% recycled. Made entirely from broken plastic frames that we then polish; our collection is easy on the eye but also easy on the Earth’s precious resources. We take the old frames, break them into tiny pieces and then we colour and re-mould those fragments into our stylish range.
  • We are part of a group committed to energy efficiency. From the paper we use to our lighting, heating and cooling, to how we dispose of our waste – we try to do so consciously and are always looking for new ways to be cleaner, lighter and kinder. Even our work space is recycled (a repurposed chocolate factory).
  • Made in Australia. This means a reduced carbon footprint, all human manufactured, as we support our local community and economy. The designs are Australian too, so you can count on them being sexy.


Why not look good and save the planet at the same time and grab yourself a pair of Szade sunglasses? Don’t forget to put your old pair into the recycle bin.