Favourite Daughter is pleased to offer a range of Rue Stiic clothing, which was founded in 2013 when its director and designer moved from California to Australia.

A History of Rue Stiic

 The designs used to create the Rue Stiic collection take their shape and colour from the founder’s extensive travels throughout Bali and California, as well as cities along the Australian coast and parts of Europe.

  • These clothes are designed to be wearable and for you to style them in such a way as to maximise your own tastes and personality. You’ll revel in the comfortable fit and luxurious feel of the fabrics used to make them.
  • The label is based in Byron Bay, and the clothes are made by hand in Bali. We’ve done the hard work for you, and you can access these items with a mere click. You will rarely find two identical pieces because the prints are created by hand.
  • More than half of the fabrics used to create these clothes are sustainably sourced, in addition to forging lasting relationships with small factories in Bali that are family-owned.

Once you’ve purchased an item of Rue Stiic clothing, it will soon become a wardrobe staple, and you’ll want to add more to your collection. You’re in a win-win situation when you invest in this range of clothing, and we will be happy to provide assistance if you need it.