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Prene Bags


Favourite Daughter is a proud stockist of a range of unique Prene Bags. These bags are well on their way to becoming an iconic and essential fashion accessory, not least because these items tend to sell out as soon as they hit the shelves.


What You Should Know About Prene Bags


Prene Bags are instantly recognisable, mostly because of the lightweight and vegan-friendly neoprene from which they are made.


  • You may be surprised to learn that these bags were originally intended to be a small project for the founder to earn a bit of money while at university. She was astounded at how rapidly demand for her bags increased, and she eventually left university to concentrate on selling them full time.
  • If you enjoy wearing fashion and accessories that are simple, functional, and practical, then these bags have been designed with you in mind. The bags are stylish, with a classic feel that will not date quickly. As a bonus, they are also machine washable.
  • These bags are available in a range of colours and sizes, varying from the XXS bag to the Saturday and the X-bag.


Prene Bags are proudly Australian, and we are proud to stock this iconic item. The only thing that is likely to disappoint you is how quickly they sell out. All that’s left for you to do is decide on the colours and styles that suit you best – who said you had to choose only one?