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P.E Nation Activewear is a collection of clothes that offers high quality, high comfort, and high style. We invite you to peruse this line to find your new favourite activewear, from tops and bottoms to hoodies and bags. Choosing the right clothes to work out in or wear on casual days can be difficult, so we’ve made it easy by putting your favourite brands in one convenient place, including options from P.E Nation.


Benefits of P.E Nation Bike Shorts, Jackets, Jumpers, and More


Whether you’re heading to the gym, out for your morning walk, or ready for some shopping, your P.E Nation jacket, jumper, or bag will be your best friend. There is so much to love about this beloved brand. Here are just a few specifics:


  • Legendary jackets. The P.E Nation activewear Triple Double Jacket offers a relaxed fit and optimal comfort and warmth. Two layers protect you from the elements, while features such as drawcords and a generous hood give the jacket exceptional functionality. All the other P.E Nation jackets are just as awesome–choose from the Point in Line Jacket, the Propel Jacket, the Score Runner Jacket, and many more.
  • Versatile knits. This collection features impossibly soft wool blend knits with a big dose of style. From the Triple Double Knit LS Top to the Double Team Knit LS Top to the Annex Knit Sweat, these clothes are full of wear-anywhere comfort and unique details to help you stand out everywhere you go. Pair these pieces with shorts on warmer days or leggings and jeans when the weather is cooler–either way, they’ll help you look and feel fantastic.
  • Enviable leggings. Are you sick of leggings that roll down, show sweat, come apart at the seams, and annoy you during your workout? P.E Nation leggings are for you. We are E. Nation stockists for a wide collection of garments, including fabulous leggings in many different colours, styles, and sizes. Choose the sporty Pace Changer Legging, the sleek Base Load Legging, or the sassy Box Out Legging–or take one of each! No matter which leggings you choose, you’ll quickly make these your new favourites.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your P.E Nation Jumpers, Leggings, and More


P.E Nation’s high-fashion, high-performance activewear uses innovative designs and elevated methods. Keep your clothes looking their best for as long as possible with these care tips:


  • Wash your activewear immediately. Bacteria can linger and leave behind unpleasant odours. If you’ve worked up a sweat, it’s a good idea to wash your clothes as soon as you’re done.
  • Wash high-contrast items separately. Keep your high-contrast and printed garments separate from other clothing to prevent bleeding of fabric dyes. Also, wash your clothes separately from towels and fleece items to avoid lint transferring to your P.E Nation clothes.
  • Use cold water. Washing your clothes in cold water is an effective way to prevent colour fading and running. Hot water can also cause certain stains to set, so stick to cold and cool water when you wash.


About Favourite Daughter


At Favourite Daughter, we have all the P.E Nation activewear clothing that you want plus much more. Shop our activewear, lifestyle, outerwear, and maternity collections today to find great deals on quality pieces. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

The label, which is the go-to for active-streetwear with an effortless tomboy disposition, has elevated it’s take on athleisure this season. You’d be forgiven if you thought it had expanded into a bonified ready to-wear, active-street line. In fact, it’s just a reflection of activewear becoming part of everyday, the line is blurring and sportwear is new the norm, it’s the daily uniform. High performance legs that hug the contours of your body comfortably, are seen in mid and high-rise waist bands, designed to move with your body in any and every sweat session. There is an essential legging for everyone this season - logo lovers delight in colour blocked graphic options, While minimalists can slip into wardrobe staple designs that feature P.E Nation’s signature pop colour and cover stitch detailing.