Lune Active


Our signature collection combines style-conscious garments for day-, casual-, business-,  and activewear. Just put them on and go anywhere at any time.


  • Our athleisure brand is versatile and suits most everyday situations a spontaneous, self-confident, independent, modern woman encounters.
  • Our comfortable clothing line offers quality, technically innovative, and fashion-forward flair. Travel, taking a run in the park, cheering on your kids at a soccer game, or navigating a busy workday.
  • Our in-house Lune Active technical team develops the custom made, durable, soft, and sustainable fabrics you can sport throughout the year. Wear our tops, pants, leggings, joggers, and bike shorts separately or pair the matching pieces.


We offer elegant, sophisticated looks and sporty styles. Both are effortless to pull on and cosy to be in, no matter what you need to accomplish on any given day.


Lune Active is Ecologically Responsible


Our fabrics generally consist of cotton, polyester, and elastane, but we are in the process of switching to more sustainable sources. We aim to have an entirely eco-friendly collection by 2023.


  • Our colours range from sand to midnight, pearl to charcoal, and lilac to black. We make every effort to use ecologically safe dyes.
  • Lune Active is serious about sustainability. Our activewear contains a blend of recycled polyamide and standard polyamide, which makes our Luna rib leggings, for instance, 100 percent recyclable once they eventually wear out.


Our factory in Portugal sources its electricity from solar panels. The workers collect and recycle all production-line fabrics.